The Army Roll of Honour on CD-ROM contains the complete Roll preserved in the Public Record Office under reference 304 with software that allows searching of every element in each record. Searches can be executed for Regiment or branch of Army at 1st September 1939, Regiment or branch of Army at death, surnames, christian name(s), initial(s), born (county), place of domicile (county), army number, rank, theatre or country where fatal wound was sustained or death occurred, decorations, and by date.

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Searches of elements can be made by one or as many elements as you wish. For example, you could search for every soldier who died during the Western Europe Campaign 1944/45; Norway; at sea; Balkans and the Greece Campaign 1944/45; or any of the 35 'Theatres of War or Counties' classified. It is even possible to search for all privates called George, who died in Burma. As with Soldiers Died WWI CD-ROM, you will have at your fingertips what would have been months of toil and a very hefty card index system on the screen in a matter of seconds.

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The software package has been designed with drop down lists for Branch of the Army, Regiment, or Theatre of War, and on screen buttons for you to click on with your mouse for other elements within the search field to keep typing to a minimum. In fact, if you can read and type with one finger, however slowly, you will be able to use this database to its full potential. After completing your search you can view and sort the data on screen and print out your results. A 'Wild Card' facility has been incorporated within the search engine which will further enhance the location of an individual's record. We have included the facility to print out a full colour memorial scroll for any casualty on this database creating a fine keepsake, for families and future generations, of a soldier's sacrifice.


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